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Q. I run an amateur music group and we are interested in recording a CD to raise funds. Who provides such a service and can advise us how to cost this project?

A. Sandpiper can help you cost your project through a spreadsheet model especially designed for this purpose. We will deal with all matters including copyright.

Q. I have an old recording that is dull, noisy and has clicks. How can this be cleaned up?

A. Our software offers many options and we can often remove many problem noises. We also have equipment that can enhance dull recordings, adding sparkle and a greater sense of stereo.

Q. I need sound effects and musical themes for a drama production that has critical timing demands. Where can I go for expertise in this field?

A. Just contact Sandpiper. We have a large effects library and can easily clone many musical styles to fit your requirements. In addition we can stretch or compress music or effects to fit a particular time window.

Q. I need a promotional tape for my work as an actor. Who is experienced in this area?

A. Sandpiper has a client list that includes actors from stage and television.

Q. I've written this music and I'd like to hear it played as if by an orchestra. How can I achieve this cheaply?

A. We can input your music into our system and orchestrate it quickly using very realistic instrument sounds.

Q. My daughter plays the oboe. Have you ideas for Christmas or birthday gifts for friends and relatives using her talents?

A. Yes Sandpiper can produce a CD or Digital Download that would make an ideal gift. The provision of quality (orchestrated) accompaniments for solo performers is one of our specialiaties.

Q. I have audio material that needs complex editing and I am panicking because of the deadline. What is the quickest and least frustrating way of getting this done on time?

A. The quickest way is to use non-destructive, non linear editing with full mix automation and recall. We can cut and join audio to give a natural flow whether it be music or speech.

Q. I'd like my music professionally printed. Who can I contact to get this done?

A. Sandpiper can provide a full Music Printing Service. We will gladly send you print samples.

For further information on recording, editing or music typesetting please E-mail us at:


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