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Student Services - Ordering Composed Tracks

It is likely that you would wish to discuss your requirements and proceedures before committing yourself to ordering. To do so use the Click for Help button above for contact details.
Once you are clear about your requirements you can use the order form below to specify details about the music. It is suggested that you follow this routine:-

NOTE: Students of The Lakeland Studio of Dance and Performing Arts (LSDPA) should initially consult with Miss Avril about their music requirements. LSDPA students should browse these pages to understand how the system works.

  • Fill in this order form on-line or off-line... since it will take some time to complete you may prefer to print the page so you can write down your ideas before submitting the data electronically. Once you have entered the details on screen press the Send Details Button and also print out 2 copies of it from your computer.
  • Please complete a new order form for each track you order.
  • By clicking the Send Details Button, you will automatically send a copy of the information you entered to Sandpiper.
  • Wait for us to confirm by Email that the details you entered are acceptable. We will also inform you of the price we will charge.
  • Once we confirm the project, sign the first copy of the order form and send it together with your payment. Keep the other copy for reference.

    Music for Dance Order Form
    Student Name:
    Age (Years/Months):
    Contact Name:  Position:
    Address Line 1:
    Address Line 2:
    Address Line 3:
    Address Line 4:
    Post Code:
    Best Contact Time:
    Title of Project:

    Since you are purchasing "Composed Tracks" you will need to read and sign after this statement.

    I have read and understood the licence agreement and agree to all the terms and conditions therein mentioned.

    Signed                                                                                                    (signing as)    

    Please print and keep a copy of the licence for reference. A receipted invoice will be provided once the project is complete.

    You will be advised by Email of the exact amount payable and method of payment once we have processed this form. Delivery of the draft of the music will be within 4 weeks of the date of receipt of payment.


    Required length (Mins/Secs):

    Date Required:

    Is this music designed for a National Class? If so please specify:

    Story line with Edit or Hit points:

    Enter "Edit Point" nos at the start of each descriptive text element of the "Story" and specify exact timings of these hit points in the next series of boxes. You can use these or additional Edit Point numbers to define the Tempi and Time Signature requirements that you will enter in later boxes.

    To see an example of how you might enter details click here.

    Edit or Hit Points timings (Mins/Secs):

      1:   2:   3:   4:   5:
      6:   7:   8:   9: 10:
    11: 12: 13: 14: 15:
    16: 17: 18: 19: 20:

    Please specify the mood or sequence of moods if it is not obvious from the Story Line.
    You can use existing or additional Edit Point nos if you wish:

    Please specify Tempi requirements in beats per minute.
    You can use Edit Point nos if you wish:

    Please specify Time Signature requirements during the course of the music eg. 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 6/8 etc.
    You can use existing or additional Edit Point nos if you wish:

    Intro / Exit. Does the music require an introduction of a specific length and/or an exit that will happen after the end of the main music?
    Please specify length of pause between the end of the main music and the exit.
    A typical pause would be 5 seconds:

    Have you any preferred instrumentation?

    Have you any additional Comment about your music requirements, this site or form?

    That completes the form filling. You should hear from us within a day or so.

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