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Student Services - Working Method for Custom Composed Music


        We can work in several ways......

            Give us a brief idea about character, mood or nationality and we will create a track to the required length.
             We can often clone an existing musical style (subject to the "laws" of plagiarism and research necessary) and again work to your required length.
            You can give us a story line with certain "hit points" (mins: secs) and we will write to order - for instance:-
                    00.10 Wakes up
                    00.30 Opens Door to cupboard
                    00.40 Gets broom out of cupboard
                    00.45 Begins "duet" with broom which comes alive. etc
            The music is "recorded" using a computer music programme (Emagic Logic) which makes use of its built in sample player (EXS24mkII). This means that authentic instrument sounds can be reproduced using professional quality libraries such as the Vienna Symphonic Library ©. To help you appreciate the variety of musical styles and high quality instrumentations available we have prepared some sample tracks.

You can either listen on-line or obtain a sample CD. A sample CD may offer you a higher quality of sound compared to that which you can obtain through your computer.

To hear or download on-line samples click here
            To receive a sample CD send 3 first class stamps to :

                    The Right Track
                    Hampsfell Road
                    Cumbria LA11 6BE
                    Please mark your envelope "CD Sampler"
            If you decide to order a custom track follow the links on these pages until you come to the correct order form. Fill in the form with details of the project and await contact from us as to what happens next.
            Once you have approved the draft we will produce a CD copy of your project. Some Festival or Competitions insist that Tapes are used as CDs can jump when in close proximity to dancers. We can supply high quality Tape Copies using short tapes. Short tapes mean you can find an item quicker as usually there is only One Track per tape. These copies will be suitably labelled.
            We hold audio and data copies of all projects we complete so in the event of your copies being lost or damaged we can replace them at "cost".


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