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            The creation of a dance routine demands time, effort and your money.
             You wouldn't necessarily shy away from putting skill and cash into a costume but one area of expense which often attracts less consideration is that for the preparation of the music which is the underlying foundation for the dance.
             Essentially it would be a shame if a scrappy soundtrack detracted from the final performance.
             Music, if skilfully chosen or crafted, can give a great atmospheric lift and, to this end, a totally original track which no one will have heard before, is likely to focus the attention of adjudicators and audiences in a way not always achieved by material which has been heard repeatedly at various festivals or competitions.
             Such tracks will be created to a careful brief in regard to story-line or national or other theme and their length will of course be tailored to the requirements of the class.
             In fact various versions can often be prepared to offer a choice if the specifications are flexible.
             If existing material is required or preferred but doesn't quite match the requirements of a routine then it can be carefully abridged or extended. (If the original material is in copyright then certain permissions may be needed).
             And music, perhaps originally written for piano, can also be given extra musical colour by the use of sensitive orchestration - Again such material may be subject to copyright restrictions but please ask.
             So is this extra expenditure worthwhile?
             Well, consider the advantages already mentioned plus the fact that you can be sure that such tracks will create a much better background than those off the shelf recordings that may have been subjected to amateurish cut and paste.
             Although a lot of our work is biased towards festivals and competitions we also specialise in creating and producing recorded music for shows and performances where there is no competitive element.


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